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Excellence in All Things

We are united in our belief, advocacy and passion for robotics. Join the movement.

Building Is What We Do

We build up our community of students through VEX Robotics.

All students are welcome.


About Our Robotics Program

We are Lovejoy Robotics. Established in 2009 and fully reinvented in 2019- we have come so far due to our amazing community of robotics families in Lovejoy ISD and our commitment to excellence at all levels. We compete in the High School and Middle School VEX Robotics Competition each school year and are represented at Lovejoy High School by team 1082 and at Willow Springs Middle School by team 10820. We are soon to be adding Elementary and Intermediate school robotics programs and are excited for the future!


Year of Establishment


Current Students


High School Teams


Middle School Teams

Student Opportunities

Kids come first.

We focus daily on our mission, "To propel each person, team and robot to excellence". To do this we are all in when it comes to our students being the top priority. Take a look at the kinds of things our students experience in our program-



CAD & Design

Project Management

Engineering Interviews



Engineering Notebooks

What We do

Excellence in All Things

We pride ourselves on being the most inclusive, fun and impactful organization. Our teams, students, coaches and volunteers have a blast doing what we do! Together we can accomplish more. Together, we are Lovejoy Robotics!

Our Sponsors

Each sponsor is a critical part of our success

2023-2024 Sponsors will be shared soon.
Are you interested in supporting us?
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